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Advert9 is one of the site that can monetize social media property their is have more similar site like that like Izoozo.com more information is given below :

Advert9 Payout  : 50$ min (for payout)

Izoozo Payout : 10$ min (for payout)

Alternative & Similar site Like Advert9 : Izoozo.com 

Izoozo.com is one of the Best site for earning money from social media followers. I also have facebook page with 400k followers i have use Advert9 and Izoozo.com also but from my site Izoozo.com is the Best It provide quality service. Izoozo have one of the best support them that can provide user friendly support.

If you also have facebook page and want to earn money from your social media property then Izoozo.com is the best.

Advert9 payment Method : Payoneer Only

Izoozo.com payment Method : Direct Bank transfer for Indian Account & Paypal

See here is showing error on his front screen of Adver9 page they don’t manage their own website then how they manage user support So best option is Izoozo.com

advert9 reviews

Advert9 Payment Proof : 

advert9 payment proof review

Izoozo front look  : 



Here is the user review of Izoozo.com

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