Brittany Furlan

Top Vine videos maker, who got fame through her videos of engaging and irreverently funny comedy sketches. She has been publishing her talents on Instagram, Youtube and television. She is so famous on MTV’s Ridiculousness and E!’s The Soup. She has taken name and fame with title of viner of the year in 2014 at the Streamy Awards. She has earned more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

She was born on 5 Sep 1986 in Philadelphia, PA. She and her family moved to Los Angeles, California. There she became an actress. She has a Dachshund, whose is Neena Da Weena and who has got more than 70,000 followers on Instagram.

She got so much popularity through home pages of websites Buzzfeed, Yahoo, and MSN. She has come on AOL, Variety, and Tubefilter for giving her interview. She has been working with so many brand like: Dickies, Wendys, Trident, Reebok, and Benefit Cosmetics.

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