Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) programming & robotics online

Artificial intelligence is generated by John McCarthy. Basically AI is a kind of science and engineering for making intelligent machine and intelligent computer programs.

It is a latest technology and which is used for making computer and robots, which are controlled by computers and a software thinks intelligently. It is a theory of “How human brain thinks, decide and work when trying to solve a program”? .

Goals of AI: 

  • To Create Expert Systems: Basically, it is used for observing how to human brain behaviour, learn, demonstrate, explain, and advice its users.
  • To Implement Human Intelligence in Machines: It can observe about human brain’s thinking, leaning skills and understanding powers.

It is the combination of science, computer science, biology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, Neuron science and maths.

Application of AI:

  • Gaming: AI is a best technique for making so many games, which are mostly played by human beings like: Chess, tic-tac-toe and poker.
  • Natural Language Processing: It is used for understanding human natural language through interacting with computer.
  • Expert Systems: It is used for integrating machine, software, and special information to impart reasoning and advising. It provides explanations and advice to the users.
  • Vision Systems: It is basically used for A spying aeroplane, which takes pictures as a map of the areas. Doctors also use it for diagnosis the patient. Police use it for recognizing criminal faces by forensic artist.
  • Speech Recognition: It is also useful for recognizing human voice when he/she suffers due to cold or any other problems. Here it sense by words, noise and voice and etc.
  • Handwriting Recognition:  Here it sense hand writing and it converts in the form of editable text.
  • Intelligent Robots. This is also used in these fields.  Here robot can able to perform any kind of task which is assign by human and which are done by human both.

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