Pratik Sen

Pratik Sen is a Bangale Actor and comes in Bangale movies and TV serial. Now he is coming on Indian TV channel Star Jalsha in Khokababu tv show

He is best known for his character Raghunath Mukherjee in this TV show and now he is caching on with his mind blowing acting in this tv show.

His real name is Pratik Sen and he belongs from Bangale. He has made special place in the hearts of viewers with his dashing look and his awesome acting in this TV show.

In his childhood, he wanted to be a famous personality and his friends used to tease him for his dream but now a days, he is caching on through his acting. And he has achieved his dream.

His bonding with his family is so strong and he loves his family so much and his family always support him for his success and he gives all credit for what is he today to his family.

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2 thoughts on “Pratik Sen”

  1. I as very worried for Khoka when he was getting hurt while wrestling. Specially when the opponent threw some dust into his eyes. What a spoil sport!! I was wondering why that opponent was not punished for such underiable act. Hope actually he was not hurt very badly.

    Esha Mukherjee

  2. After watching the recent episodes of Khokababu, may I put a few of my observations and suggestions.

    • I think Khokababu should address Tori as ‘Tori’ only and not as Toridebi since Tori sounds better when they communicate with ‘tumi’ now and not ‘apni’ any more. Toridebi and ‘apni’ go well. Wife should be addressed as ‘Tori’ because of the nearness in relation. ‘Toridebi’ sounds like ‘pasher barir boudi’ (as mentioned by Tori once earlier) and therefore the relation is distant.

    • I feel it is becoming too much now to keep on asking Khokababu about his profession. One thing I definitely do not like is that every Tom, Dick and Harry is asking this question to him. Since this is a personal matter, some privacy must be maintained for Khokababu as he has repeatedly said that he would tell them everything at an appropriate time.

    • Behavior of Tanoj is so bad always – I cannot imagine anybody can be like that in practical life. Same comment goes with Preet – he is a shameless guy, does not have any self-respect even after being refused by Tori so vehemently.

    • Hope Khokababu was not hurt actually when he was fighting with the wrestlers.

    • Khokababu and Tori are such great match that I shall be happy if they become the same in real life. I have seen that Tori is engaged to some other boy – but my personal feeling does not approve this.

    Off hand these are the points which came to my mind.

    This serial is so good and well managed that I feel bad for these small problems. Shall be thankful if some weightage is given to my comments.

    Esha Mukherjee

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