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Seema Anand is a mythologist, storyteller, and doctor of Narrative Practices specializing in women’s narratives and lives in London, United Kingdom. She gives her lectures on the Kamasutra. She is also well known as an acknowledged authority on Eastern Erotolog. She speeches on the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita, Tantric philosophy and the Mahavidyas. 

She works on the revival and reproduction of oral literature from India, which is associated at UNESCO project for Endangered Oral Traditions. She is not only expert in this field even she is also well recognized for her work of conducting soft skills training in corporate sector using storytelling and the Power of Narrative.

Biography: When she was 19 year old when her father was assassinated and that moment she suffered so much pain and she decided that She will not pray to god or believe on god. That time her professor said to her that you should not think about only pain even you can learn so much through your life because life is the best teacher in whole world. Then she decided to make her career in stories after that she became storyteller.

Seema Anand

According to Seema, Indian people don’t change their mentality and they think that life is only based on Marriage and their one profession, where they can earn money and they never want to change their life styles because When She was introduced herself in the front of Indians as a story teller then they replied that “Oh hahahah!! You are story teller me too.” and same conditions some other places so according to her if you want to change your nation means India then you should change your mentality.

Family Support: Her grand mother was a inspector of school during Raj and she knew very well the importance of anyone’s profession that’s why her grand mother always support her and her mother also and now she gives all credit to her family for her success.

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