Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez is well recognized for making an app, which is so famous in technical field. He has got interest in technical field and programming and he has got good knowledge in some programming languages like: Python, Java, and C.

This little kid has started an app club at school for teaching other kids for creation of app and software and in very young age, he has founded his own company named CarrotCorp.

He is connected with WiTag Inc, CarrotCorp and Star Education and before he was connected with Inventables.

Career: He is CTO and Founder of at WiTag and CarrotCorp.

Profession: Programmer and Founder and CTO.

Achievements:  He has made an app for iPhone and he is also well known as a TED Speaker.

He has achieved so much in very short time period and his family gives full support to him for his career as well as in his interest. And he also gives all credit of his success to his family.

Social Media:  He is also well recognized on social media platform and if you want to follow this talented guy then you can follow on his social media accounts and for your better understanding, we are providing his social media Links.

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